So Why We DO, What We DO?


Why do we stay at home?

Is it because we are tired?

Do we have a phobia of work?

Do we simply enjoy daytime television?

Please, before you punch the computer screen, let me reassure you that these are all false stereotypes. The answer to all of those short sighted questions is a resounding, “No!”

The stats have proven it, and most stay at home mom’s have been proven time and time again, as fully capable and lucrative members of the work force, who for simply the love of their children have decided that they would rather leave their career than miss one moment of their loved one’s precious development.

I can greatly sympathize and understand leaving the workforce, since for all of those same precious reasons I left my own prized vocation a decade ago. About nine years ago, I was on the fast track to be in the top tier of bankruptcy attorneys in the state of Nevada. I mean, seriously I had it. Cheezy TV commercial and everything, my firm was well known. If you happen to be from my area in Nevada, you couldn’t have missed the advertisement on television, it played 24 hours a day in it’s monotone directness and honesty. “You can file for Bankruptcy, here at Klein and Reynolds we make Bankruptcy as easy as going to the car wash, and you will just enjoy that good clean feel at the end.”

I am about to laugh hysterically reminiscing about this right now, (especially the way Reynolds without blinking said, “Good clean feel”)! But cheesy commercial or not, or adds worked and we really were on the road to becoming Bankruptcy Kings. But what did I go and do before I could seize my Chapter 7 bankruptcy hegemony…

I got knocked up.

Yep, I became pregnant, and after that all I could think of was the little bundle of joy. At first as a rational professional, I thought that maternity leave would be enough for me. You know, just enough to get that maternal instinct out of my system so I could go back full force into the legal profession. Like a bad habit I needed to kick, the mommy lovey doveys had to go. But alas, the 3 week maternity leave turned into 3 months and then 3 years, and then…..well, here I am! And I am not backing down at all. Contrary to any public opinion thrown at me, I do not feel lazy, I know my self worth and how hard working I am as a homemaker. I also know that I could and was a valuable member of the outside workforce, and I could do the standard professional 9 to 5 disco if I wanted to, I just choose not to.

I have chosen a cherished and forgotten path. That of being a mother, and no matter what kind of terrible stereotypes they attempt to heap upon us, I am proud of who I am. And you should be too!