Stay At Home, Work From Home $$$


How has the work from home revolution affected the stay at home mom? Well, it truly is a different world now, with this home office revolution. Now with so many deciding in record numbers to stay at home, that is, to work from a home office, with or without children, many stay at home mother’s are finding themselves suddenly feeling threatened.

Our way of life is facing a new pressure now, now that some tech savvy mother’s are making money off this internet boom, doing it all, raising their kids and also becoming the next CEO of facebook or google all from the comfort of their own home.

So what does this do to the rest of us that find it unable to keep up in such a successful do it all fashion? Do we succumb to the overwhelming and overpowering pressure? Well we feel bad, that is for sure. It is a new pressure when Jamie down the street is changing diapers just like you yet also doing spreadsheets and presentation’s via skype seemingly at the same time.

I just hope she keeps that changing board out of view from her Skype counterpart in Hong Kong! I’m not trying to air my dirty laundry (or diapers for that matter) either but I am just trying to emphasize to you guys, how hard it really is. Stay at home mother’s have to have it all together to be that shining example to be proud of and not some train wreck that can be seen on the Dr. Phil show. Dr. Phil are you reading? Please help!

Laughter aside, in all seriousness, it is hard just to have a good week sometimes as the homemaker, but also doing reports for a busy firm on the side? They can have that in my opinion. Because the thing is, I left the business world behind for a reason and I don’t want what I left behind to follow me. In my case at least, I know that I shut the door on my law practice 9 years ago, and I don’t want vestiges from that past attempting to reopen the door right on top of my family.

For many nowadays the two worlds are colliding. But as for me and my house I will keep those things separate. I enjoy my family and I would in no way use work to diminish or tarnish the mental image I have already made for myself. I couldn’t bear to put my family on hold to write up reports for a legal entity or firm. Maybe Ms. Google or Amazon can do that, but I can’t, I am at a point in my life to where I know what I want out of it, and I am not going to bend regardless of outside stimuli or pressures.

Well, anyway I said my piece on my feelings, but I know that we are all diverse in our ideas and makeup here. So I don’t want to go stomping on someone else’s opinion just by hoisting mine up over my own soap box. I know there are all kinds of situations and driving factors.

One case in point, is a dear friend of mine, (who of course I will leave nameless), this dear friend of mine is a successful copywriter for a Manhattan publishing group. (who too will be nameless) She relates it to me as almost an addiction, and sadly enough this addiction brings her yet another addiction. Namely, that of caffeine, this lady is a Java mama! She is constantly hepped up and fueled on a combination of coffee and energy drinks. This also, sheds another light on a problem and dark reality that many mom’s face with their sleep and caffeine cycles at home. (a blog for another day!) But for her it is certainly true and she tells me that these caffeine cocktails are the only way she can keep up.

The idea makes me want to go into detox for a month but she does a superb job and tells me that she wouldn’t trade her copywriting gig for anything. The woman does not sleep but she seems happy, in her zombie like haze! (not judging or anything!) Like I have said many a time on this blog, over again, to each their own, but I would rather stay at home!