Our Value (stay at home moms) Is Worth More Than You Think


This infographic that I am sharing with you reminds me of just how undervalued we really are as stay at home mom’s. The imagery speaks volumes. When you break it down, the average a stay at home mom works approximately 96.5 hours a week! And all of this volunteer work should be earning us an income of approaching 119,000 dollars a year! But sadly the jack of all trades homemaker is usually not even considered a vocation at all. We certainly don’t get health insurance!

Homemaker’s can be and do many things, we from Chauffeur, to professional washing machine and dish washer technician, to an all around social and psychological expert!

But sadly as of now, the recognition is minimal! This is why us stay at homer’s have created this blog, to finally get that recognition that we deserve! This is a clarion call to all that make home, “home”. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 9 years (learn more about me here), and have to say that it is the most rewarding yet demanding job that I could think of.

You are on call like a doctor and relegate tasks like a supervisor in a busy warehouse.

You are the bumble in the bumble bee!

We are the backbone of our society, we keep everything running yet we are forgotten.

But then again, no one can ever forget completely the loving dedication of their mother’s; we would not be where we are without this constant diligence and guidance. I just really wish I could get my hands on that $119,000 dollar salary!

These facts truly are interesting though, and if you would like to learn more go to mom.salary.com. When looking at the facts on the site, the bottom of the infographic got my attention the most, this bottom statistical portion demonstrated clearly how even projected salaries can fluctuate and vary wildly. A truly eye opening piece!