1. Why stay home?
    We stay home for a very wide variety of reasons. For some it is simply all they know, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of us have never known anything other than homemaking. In a mostly two salary per home economy, this is increasingly rare but it does still exist. For most of us however, myself included, the venture into staying at home sprung from one very extended maternity leave. Many of us plan on returning to our vocation, but fate determines otherwise.

  3. Will I get bored?
    Really I would have to say and most stay at homer’s would have to agree with me, if you are asking this question, you are not yet a stay at home parent. I can quite honestly tell you that being a stay at home mom never has a dull moment. You simply do not have the luxury of time to get bored! And if you do find some free time, here is a hint of how to use it, maybe try reading? In particular maybe reading this blog!

  5. Is staying home detrimental to my health?
    Tough question, the burden can drive us batty, but overall we stay at home for a reason and the benefit usually outweighs the burden, although some days can be a challenge!

  7. Can anyone post to this blog?
  8. Absolutely! We are open to all experiences in regard to staying home!