About Nancy


What is the number one job since us human creatures climbed out of the cave? Why it is that of the stay at home care giver, rearing her young. And just like now, our caregiving forbearers did not get paid much! Cave momma got maybe a half eaten bone or two! Not much different from the half eaten bones that they throw us today! Sadly the jack of all trades homemaker is permanently on an official kind of volunteer status and recognition is minimal!

This is why us stay at homer’s have created this blog, to finally get that recognition that we deserve! I have been a stay at home mom for the past 9 years, and have to say that it is the most rewarding yet demanding job that I could think of.

You are on call like a doctor and relegate tasks like a supervisor in a busy warehouse. It can be tough. So I, with the contribution of other’s am going to make this blog devoted to our chosen occupation. And I stress chosen.

I had a lucrative career I had just ventured upon as an attorney for an up and coming bankruptcy/personal injury law firm. I had just gotten out of law school and landed a job that I thought was a dream come true. But, after we had our first born, and started to make arrangements for day care, I just could not fathom being separated from the one that I loved more dearly than anything else in this world. So I voluntarily walked from a career in the legal field 9 years ago without looking back, and I would encourage anyone else who feels as strongly to do the same.

This is why this blog was created, to foster encouragement and solidarity to all of us that have chosen, regardless of all other circumstances, to, “Stay Home.”