How Stay At Homes Moms Can Earn A Living


Happiness is essential. Food is essential. Love is essential. What else? Yup, great minds think alike. Money! Money is of course essential in every sane living person. We wake up every morning just to earn a living & to pay off bills. We earn the money & we treat ourselves every now & then. What about stay at home moms who leave their jobs when the baby comes? Yes, it’s scary! And can sometimes caused anxiety. But before you buy panic away, read their reviews first. Or what if they leave their job by choice to be a better wife to their husbands? Where does the money come from? Modern day living kicks in where mothers, now too can earn a living – by staying home!

We’re sure that there’s always a talent in every one of us, especially mothers who all of a sudden get extra ‘superpowers’ after having children. One of the many ways a stay at home mom can earn money is by using those hidden talents like sewing or knitting. There’s many people who would die to have a talent like this because it not only saves their money by sewing their own clothes, but also because a lot of people out there are constantly looking for a seamstress to sew their clothes, just to get a perfect fit. Plus, if one is creative enough, they can come up with new innovations like sewing handbags or shoes among other cool things!

You know how that hidden talent of being a master chef shows when you have to cook for the whole family for dinner? Well here’s another good way to make some good money. Catering! While your other neighbors are out working, place a paper for them to order home cooked delicacies for the whole week! They can place an order for 1, 2, 3 or even more people if they wanted to, and all you have to do is cook! That way you could not only prepare food & earn money, but you also get to feed the whole family! Talk about killing two birds with one stone, huh?

Money is essential, so use your talents to gain more of it!

Ways to take Better Photos of Your Child

Anyone in life wishes to have memories of the past moments as time moves.

Kids grow faster and therefore there is that need of picking up your camera and capturing each single moment spent with your kid for future memories. It is even evident that baby photography has really grown in today’s photography industry a factor that has led to inventory of accessories and outfits purposely for baby photography.Below are some of the ways on how to take a better photo of your child.

For any such photography to appear clear, one has to know the tricks to enhance that. These are some of the tricks;

1. Use camera flash

The camera flash will try and get rid of the shadows that may be in some parts of the body of the child like the eyes and give a clear and well lit image.

2. Contain the movement of the baby

The photos will appear good when the child’s movements are limited. This will enable you capture the child in a uniform photo frame unlike when the movements are unlimited. Unlike most technique (view this site) which depends on movement, this does not.

3. Change angles

Always try taking pictures from different angles. Majority of the people assume pictures taken from the front appear good which is not really the case. Try taking pictures from sides and the back. Just select a good angle, be close and take that shot.

4. Draw the child attention to the camera

Show the child pictures or change your facial expression in the direction of the camera. By doing so, you will draw the child’s attention and focus only in the direction of the camera. It can also add the smile on the child’s face.

5. Posing

You may wish to have your child pictures in different positions. Be creative and set up a pose to your child or go with a natural pose.

Importance of Music Lessons For Kids

Children are always exposed to music from the time they are born when lullaby’s put them to sleep, to the time they enter kindergarten,even being in high school musicals when they are in their teens.

Tutors should not fear the extra work involved because the results are always very fruitful.It can be a little challenging to keep young kids focused especially during practice.They get bored easily and may not feel like going on.

The tutor should always know when it is time to stop and time to continue.Keep the practice session interesting for the child and avoid being harsh for you only frighten them.

Children learning to sing and adults have one thing in common and this is they all want to do their best.

A vocal coach is always necessary if the children are to do well in their musicals. This is because in addition to voice lessons improving the self esteem of the kids, starting them early gives time for the voice to develop.

These lessons also open opportunities for the children in schools and improvement in other abilities such as maths. Voice lessons are important especially if a child or teenager decides to go professional.

Young kids can be very hyperactive but when they pay attention whatever you teach them will not leave their heads. In fact a child is more likely to remember a song taught five years ago than an adult.

Music is a universal language and the love for it is never ending. More and more parents have realised the role music plays in building a child and most start them early. And if you like to get your child started with one of the best online singing lessons, checkout Superior Singing Method.

In much as this fact is recommended, one should not forget that the child’s love for music will ultimately bring the desired result.All parents should encourage their kids to take music lessons from an early age because even if they do not become pros, other greater opportunities will find them.

Stay At Home, Work From Home $$$


How has the work from home revolution affected the stay at home mom? Well, it truly is a different world now, with this home office revolution. Now with so many deciding in record numbers to stay at home, that is, to work from a home office, with or without children, many stay at home mother’s are finding themselves suddenly feeling threatened.

Our way of life is facing a new pressure now, now that some tech savvy mother’s are making money off this internet boom, doing it all, raising their kids and also becoming the next CEO of facebook or google all from the comfort of their own home.

So what does this do to the rest of us that find it unable to keep up in such a successful do it all fashion? Do we succumb to the overwhelming and overpowering pressure? Well we feel bad, that is for sure. It is a new pressure when Jamie down the street is changing diapers just like you yet also doing spreadsheets and presentation’s via skype seemingly at the same time.

I just hope she keeps that changing board out of view from her Skype counterpart in Hong Kong! I’m not trying to air my dirty laundry (or diapers for that matter) either but I am just trying to emphasize to you guys, how hard it really is. Stay at home mother’s have to have it all together to be that shining example to be proud of and not some train wreck that can be seen on the Dr. Phil show. Dr. Phil are you reading? Please help!

Laughter aside, in all seriousness, it is hard just to have a good week sometimes as the homemaker, but also doing reports for a busy firm on the side? They can have that in my opinion. Because the thing is, I left the business world behind for a reason and I don’t want what I left behind to follow me. In my case at least, I know that I shut the door on my law practice 9 years ago, and I don’t want vestiges from that past attempting to reopen the door right on top of my family.

For many nowadays the two worlds are colliding. But as for me and my house I will keep those things separate. I enjoy my family and I would in no way use work to diminish or tarnish the mental image I have already made for myself. I couldn’t bear to put my family on hold to write up reports for a legal entity or firm. Maybe Ms. Google or Amazon can do that, but I can’t, I am at a point in my life to where I know what I want out of it, and I am not going to bend regardless of outside stimuli or pressures.

Well, anyway I said my piece on my feelings, but I know that we are all diverse in our ideas and makeup here. So I don’t want to go stomping on someone else’s opinion just by hoisting mine up over my own soap box. I know there are all kinds of situations and driving factors.

One case in point, is a dear friend of mine, (who of course I will leave nameless), this dear friend of mine is a successful copywriter for a Manhattan publishing group. (who too will be nameless) She relates it to me as almost an addiction, and sadly enough this addiction brings her yet another addiction. Namely, that of caffeine, this lady is a Java mama! She is constantly hepped up and fueled on a combination of coffee and energy drinks. This also, sheds another light on a problem and dark reality that many mom’s face with their sleep and caffeine cycles at home. (a blog for another day!) But for her it is certainly true and she tells me that these caffeine cocktails are the only way she can keep up.

The idea makes me want to go into detox for a month but she does a superb job and tells me that she wouldn’t trade her copywriting gig for anything. The woman does not sleep but she seems happy, in her zombie like haze! (not judging or anything!) Like I have said many a time on this blog, over again, to each their own, but I would rather stay at home!

Our Value (stay at home moms) Is Worth More Than You Think


This infographic that I am sharing with you reminds me of just how undervalued we really are as stay at home mom’s. The imagery speaks volumes. When you break it down, the average a stay at home mom works approximately 96.5 hours a week! And all of this volunteer work should be earning us an income of approaching 119,000 dollars a year! But sadly the jack of all trades homemaker is usually not even considered a vocation at all. We certainly don’t get health insurance!

Homemaker’s can be and do many things, we from Chauffeur, to professional washing machine and dish washer technician, to an all around social and psychological expert!

But sadly as of now, the recognition is minimal! This is why us stay at homer’s have created this blog, to finally get that recognition that we deserve! This is a clarion call to all that make home, “home”. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 9 years (learn more about me here), and have to say that it is the most rewarding yet demanding job that I could think of.

You are on call like a doctor and relegate tasks like a supervisor in a busy warehouse.

You are the bumble in the bumble bee!

We are the backbone of our society, we keep everything running yet we are forgotten.

But then again, no one can ever forget completely the loving dedication of their mother’s; we would not be where we are without this constant diligence and guidance. I just really wish I could get my hands on that $119,000 dollar salary!

These facts truly are interesting though, and if you would like to learn more go to When looking at the facts on the site, the bottom of the infographic got my attention the most, this bottom statistical portion demonstrated clearly how even projected salaries can fluctuate and vary wildly. A truly eye opening piece!

So Why We DO, What We DO?


Why do we stay at home?

Is it because we are tired?

Do we have a phobia of work?

Do we simply enjoy daytime television?

Please, before you punch the computer screen, let me reassure you that these are all false stereotypes. The answer to all of those short sighted questions is a resounding, “No!”

The stats have proven it, and most stay at home mom’s have been proven time and time again, as fully capable and lucrative members of the work force, who for simply the love of their children have decided that they would rather leave their career than miss one moment of their loved one’s precious development.

I can greatly sympathize and understand leaving the workforce, since for all of those same precious reasons I left my own prized vocation a decade ago. About nine years ago, I was on the fast track to be in the top tier of bankruptcy attorneys in the state of Nevada. I mean, seriously I had it. Cheezy TV commercial and everything, my firm was well known. If you happen to be from my area in Nevada, you couldn’t have missed the advertisement on television, it played 24 hours a day in it’s monotone directness and honesty. “You can file for Bankruptcy, here at Klein and Reynolds we make Bankruptcy as easy as going to the car wash, and you will just enjoy that good clean feel at the end.”

I am about to laugh hysterically reminiscing about this right now, (especially the way Reynolds without blinking said, “Good clean feel”)! But cheesy commercial or not, or adds worked and we really were on the road to becoming Bankruptcy Kings. But what did I go and do before I could seize my Chapter 7 bankruptcy hegemony…

I got knocked up.

Yep, I became pregnant, and after that all I could think of was the little bundle of joy. At first as a rational professional, I thought that maternity leave would be enough for me. You know, just enough to get that maternal instinct out of my system so I could go back full force into the legal profession. Like a bad habit I needed to kick, the mommy lovey doveys had to go. But alas, the 3 week maternity leave turned into 3 months and then 3 years, and then…..well, here I am! And I am not backing down at all. Contrary to any public opinion thrown at me, I do not feel lazy, I know my self worth and how hard working I am as a homemaker. I also know that I could and was a valuable member of the outside workforce, and I could do the standard professional 9 to 5 disco if I wanted to, I just choose not to.

I have chosen a cherished and forgotten path. That of being a mother, and no matter what kind of terrible stereotypes they attempt to heap upon us, I am proud of who I am. And you should be too!